Session Drumming
Do you have a recording project that you're working on and need a drummer?  Look no further!  I have a lot of drumming experience in the studio.  I can play to a click track and adapt to any style/genre you need.  I am willing to travel and use my own drums, or yours.  Rates vary depending on the situation, but once we reach an agreement rest assured that your tracks will be completed in a timely manner.

Online Session Drumming
I have the capability to record drum tracks for you in the comfort of my own home using a Roland TD-11kv drum set. This has a few advantages:

  • It's quick!  If you send me a scratch track (preferably with a click track), I can record the drum tracks to your song in the time it takes me to play it.  Then it's simply a matter of emailing you my audio files.
  • You get the sound YOU want!  The TD-11kv set comes packed with hundreds of different customizable drum sounds.  If you don't quite like what you hear, tell me what you want and I can change it in any way without having to re-record your track!